A whole New Side of Robben Island

My anticipation levels had been building for days as taking a Helicopter Scenic Flight was one thing I had always wanted to do. When I saw flights advertised online I called the company immediately and booked our Robben Island Helicopter flight. The pilot was really friendly and very reassuring with his natural self confidence.

Once Kevin had given us a safety briefing, in which he told us what to do in an emergency. He also told us in no uncertain terms not to touch any of the controls inside the Helicopter and not to raise our hands above our heads unless we wanted to lose them!

When our machine was fueled up and the mandatory pre-flight safety check was complete we were loaded into the helicopter buckled up and prepared for take off; we were all smiles. We could hear Kevin make her radio calls and then he asked us if we were all good and ready for take off…”yes!” all three of us replied in unison.

The noise of the engine grew louder and louder and we seemed to lift off in slow motion; a sense of weightlessness took over as we climbed away from the ground. Everything grew smaller and smaller as we climbed. Kevin started pointing out interesting features of this spectacular part of Cape Town. Robben Island came into view almost immediately and we descended down to have a closer look. We had looked earlier that day from the shore but we couldn’t appreciate the shear size of the Island from such a distance.

All too quickly we were on our way back to the Helipad as there were more people waiting to experience what we just had.

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